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As a leading company of bakery ingredients industry the Martin Braun-Gruppe has the objective to guarantee quality at every stage of the value-added chain, and to fulfill our customers' needs by gradually improving and mastering our processes.

Our Services

Individual product development

Tastes vary and the demands of the food industry are diverse. That’s why we help our customers to develop ideas and concepts for new products with a focus on baked goods. If required, we produce custom ingredients or deep-frozen baked goods according to the customer’s individual requirements. 
Our recipe: selected raw ingredients, ultra-modern technology and processes, technical expertise and an instinct for what our customers like.


Customer orientation is the guiding principle of the Martin Braun-Gruppe. Our specialists provide expert consultation and support all customers individually in a way which is geared to the target group and with a strong focus on service in their day-to-day work. This dedication starts with the selection of ingredients and products and continues with the processing and presentation, all the way through to selling their ranges. This means we can ensure customer satisfaction.

Recipe ideas

New inspiration for more success. We are always working on new recipe ideas for professionals. Our recipe ideas can be followed one to one but also offer opportunities for customisation. When developing our recipes, we set new benchmarks as regards current trends, variety, diversity and richness of ideas.


‘Quality right from the start’ is the motto of our group and runs like a thread through everything we do – as it has done since the founding of our company. We have trained employees and professional management systems that guarantee quality of the highest standard from the procurement of raw ingredients and their further processing in our plants to the analysis of the end product.


Marketing is the key to corporate success. The Martin Braun-Gruppe is always working on new marketing concepts so that our customers are successful on the market over the long term. All parameters are taken into account, such as trends, current consumer demand, seasonal peculiarities and other overarching developments such as the clean label or organic products. The concepts are also developed for individual customers if needed.


The baking center (BACKFORUM) is a communicative hub and the heart of all companies in the Martin Braun-Gruppe. All the expertise and the range of services that the company offers can be found here. It fulfils all the requirements of an innovative and progressive information and application centre for the baking, confectionery and ice cream industry. The focal point of the baking forum is the 400 m² glass bakery, in which custom-made baked goods, baking programmes and baked good ranges are prepared for customers. An ultra-modern ice cream laboratory is also available. Customers can also test products from the Martin Braun-Gruppe for themselves using the high-tech machinery of our partner companies.


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