Special assortment: organic products

Consumers are increasingly opting for organic products. And we have extensive experience in manufacturing organic baking ingredients to meet this need. The Bioreal® organic yeast, which we developed as a world first for you as well as carefully selected raw ingredients form the basis of our organic range of products. The organic assortment of baking ingredients also includes baking agents, baking powder, fresh- and dry yeast, pre-doughs, premixes, ready-mixes and margarine. 

Our product range for organic products

You can find detailed product information on the respective website.

Organic fresh- and dry yeast

Organic fresh – and dry yeast manufactured using wheat or molasses. Innovative – high impetus - success guaranteed - environmentally friendly


Organic improver and leavening agent

High performance and success guaranteed organic and Bioland baking ingredients for the manufacturing of bread and rolls as well as organic baking powder.


Organic predough

Cooled pre- and sour dough – aromatic and ready to use. For pastries with great freshness.


Organic Premixes 

High quality premixes for success guaranteed manufacturing of bread and rolls.


Organic ready-mixes

Ready-mixes that contain special and difficult to procure raw materials for rational and success guaranteed manufacturing of bread and rolls.


Organic margarine

Universal applicable: Organic baking margarine for all organic doughs and masses and organic laminating margarine for all organic puff pastry and Danish pastry dough. Top products in organic quality.