Your reliable partner for food and wholefood retail

Martin Braun-Gruppe’s service portfolio includes appealing product ranges and solutions for food retailers. For example, we offer an extensive selection of baked goods of premium quality – from bread and bread rolls to seasoned snacks as well as sweet pastries. For fresh-bread display cases, in consumer-ready packets for store shelves or for the frozen department. 

For in-store bakeries, we maintain a wide range of intermediate goods, from baking ingredients for your own mixing and baking to ready-made pastries in the form of premium-grade frozen baked goods. All precision-tailored to individual demands.
We offer our artisanal biscuit specialities pre-packed in bags or in large resealable containers. This means retailers can choose to pack biscuits individually by themselves. 

Social and environmental responsibility and respect towards humans and nature are aspects of a new consciousness that has a key role in consumer demand at wholefood retailers. When it comes to organic yeast, organic dry yeast and other organic yeast products, we offer numerous products for wholefood retailers in consumer-ready packets.