Best ingredients for sweet pastries and desserts

The fine art of baked goods and desserts has a long tradition at the Martin Braun-Gruppe. We are constantly developing our expertise for the "sweet way of life" and our range of sophisticated pre- and convenience products to ensure the safe and efficient production of high-quality pastries and desserts.

We offer a wide array of products for unique baking creations ranging from flavouring compounds, fillings, glazes, gelling agents, binding agents, thickening agents for whipped cream, decorations and fruit puree to baking mixes and margarines. 

Our product range for sweet pastries and desserts

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… for the special taste in every pastry, suitable for cream, buttercream, yeast- and fine baking pastries as well as desserts.



From powdered cream fillings to ready to use chocolate- and fruit fillings for pastries and desserts of every kind.


Fresh cream stabilizer and desserts

Delicious fresh cream stabilizers for making cut- and freezable cream pastries and desserts.



From ready to use fat-based coatings to water-based coatings, give a very special gloss to all your pastries.



Decorations for every occasion, from classic motives to modern designs and shapes.


Baking Ingredients

A wide product range of 100 %-mixes to concentrates for masses and doughs.


Jellings and binding agents

For fruit cakes, and jelling and binding of fruits.


Natural Fruit purees

High grade ambient fruit purees with approx. 90% fruit content.


Oil and Fats

The RAU brand offers top-quality products in the area of boiling and deep-frying fats and special oils / special fat preparations - of course all free of trans fatty acids or with a trans fatty acid content of less than 2%. Rau margarines now in RSPO SG quality. Only available in Germany.