Chilled & Frozen Premium topped breads

Excite your customers every time with Chilled & Frozen Premium topped breads from Montana Bakery. Here you will find premium breads at artisan bakery quality - made with only the best ingredients and perfect for indulgent meal accompaniments, family sharing and special occasions.

Our values


Kitchen cupboard ingredients, stringent quality management and highly trained production teams ensure the quality always meets and exceeds the expectations.


Artisan based bakery from the core up and deep investment in long-standing colleagues with production methods designed to replicate a small bakery by using tailored production lines.


A skilled new product development team are able to meet and exceed your expectations and wishes. Award winning products and drivers of the market with new and exciting products.


Passion is the driver at Montana, do not expect the ordinary. The team will always go beyond the expectations and give all to any project. We are all ‘foodies’ and love our profession. 


We are specialist in our market and have many long-standing customer relationships with well known Retailers and Food service customers, including out of home. We are at your service, talk to us about your individual requirements. 


Sustainable actions can be found everywhere in our company. From certified energy management and waste avoidance to the reduction of additives and a preference for regional suppliers for ecological reasons.

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