Ingredients for a superior tasting Italian gelato.

CRESCO ITALIA collaborates with ice cream manufacturers to provide high quality products and services for tasty and creamy Italian gelato and premium frozen desserts.

Our values

Italian Passion

CRESCO ITALIA is dedicated to original Italian gelato. Everything started in 1999, when two young businessmen, after 20 years of experience in the pastry field, faced a new adventure into the world of gelato. As one of the leaders in the sector, we aim to guarantee passion and quality in all steps of the value chain, through continuous improvement.


Customer satisfaction is our main goal in pursuit of the highest quality. We pay special attention to our client's demands and prioritize high-quality raw materials. When it comes to the quality of our products, we are always looking for excellence.

Trail of Superior Taste

The “Sapori dal Mondo” range offers a choice of special flavours from designated origins around the world, all well-known for their high-quality raw materials. Finest Iranian pistachios and aromatic Colombian Arabica coffee beans are just examples of the premium raw materials used for this range


Our team is developing every product with high sensory demands: its formulas, its flavors, its textures that our partners have the best possible experience producing and selling gelato. Easy to use but completely customizable, thanks to product versatility and our recipe suggestion.


Every year we go on new sensory journeys of discovery to innovate products that match international and local trends. The results can be high-quality single-origin ingredients, such as the “Sapori dal Mondo” line, or products with new textures, a healthy background, and more suitable for new customer habits.


Personal relations, technical support, and tailor-made customer solutions are our driving forces of success. We are always oriented to help professionals in their field with high standards for each of our products. As a result, we created a sales network with a fast and efficient distribution system capable of reaching any customer quickly.


The protection of the environment is part of our philosophy. We see it as its duty to motivate and instruct our employees to be more environmentally conscious and requests this also in the value chain from partners and providers of raw materials, packaging and services.


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