The Martin Braun KG

More than 85 years of experience, a high rate of innovation and brand recognition of over 90 % in the baking craft, that's the Martin Braun company. We are a leading company in the baking agents and aroma sector.

Martin Braun offers more than 500 products under the brand BRAUN in more than 70 countries worldwide. The export of the brand Braun comprehends mainly confectionary and pastry products.

The success and continuous international growth is a result of the ability to customize its flexible products and services to the specific needs of each country.
Support to partners is offered through seminars and local demonstrations done by our baking specialists and through our international recipe service.

As a principle Braun has always focused on quality and service with the strong belief that this is a main pillar for a competitive edge. In order to ensure a long term successful relationship with its customers, the Martin Braun KG created the perfect platform to support them: In the BACKFORUM, product development, quality control, product training as well as marketing come together to achieve the perfect “mix” for customer support. Customers and partners have the opportunity to simulate all different kinds of scenarios and experiment with products to see the various applications and develop new ideas together.

The BACKFORUM offers practical demonstrations, marketing and sales seminars, as well as presentations on top topics from the baking and foodstuff industry.
It offers more than 400 m² with 4 bakery rooms. The Martin Braun-Gruppe, in cooperation with its partners, made the BACKFORUM a meeting point for the industry and a benchmark. 

Our Brand BRAUN

Why should you go for our brand BRAUN? What does BRAUN stand for and what are your benefits when buying and working with our products? Come with us into the world of BRAUN to see, what we can do for you!

What is the brand BRAUN?
BRAUN is your reliable and attractive brand and the competent international partner for high-quality, innovative and professional product- and conceptional solutions for every topic around baking and sweet indulgence.

What are Your benefits?
Guarantee for highest product quality as well as safe and constant results: Due to our long term experience of over 85 years in the business, our highly qualified staff and our comprehensive quality management you are on the right side.

Professional and competent partner for YOUR success: Innovative concepts and problem-solutions, even tailor-made, comprehensive support in all areas and one-stop-shopping from our extensive assortment makes BRAUN the perfect match for your needs.

Safety, continuity and competence as grounding of our business: A lot of our international partners are with us for decades, experiencing our know-how every other day. And they know they can rely on us, as we can live up to our promises!

Martin Braun Company History

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