Martin Braun-Gruppe opens up to new, innovative business model

With "Martin's Bakehouse", Martin Braun-Gruppe is adding a corporate venture capital (CVC) arm to its portfolio.

Through decades of experience and classic M&A activities, Martin Braun-Gruppe - the food division of the internationally active group Geschwister Oetker Beteiligungen KG - has developed into a leading supplier to the baking industry. In an industry that is currently dealing with diverse questions and facing many challenges, cooperation with external innovators can be of enormous benefit.

Macroeconomic environment and trends in the food industry as drivers of change

So-called megatrends such as sustainability, resource conservation, plant-based nutrition and digitalisation require the traditional players in the industry to rethink their business models and open up to new types of cooperation.
As a strategic partner of the industry, Martin Braun-Gruppe strives to set new impulses with the founding of Martin's Bakehouse, bringing together start-ups and innovators in the industry and drive new products and services.

Strategically relevant scouting areas for targeted venture capital activities to support the core business

The approach is to invest in startups in the areas of "Alternative Ingredients", "Better-for-You", "Bakery Applications" and "Services and New Ideas" or to promote joint product development.
Martin Braun-Gruppe receives support in its ambitions through a partnership with StartLife, Europe's most experienced start-up accelerator in the agricultural and food technology segment.

Great potential in the field of fermentation due to diverse application possibilities

Particular opportunities are seen in the field of fermentation: Fermentation has been an essential part of food production for centuries. Advances in technology are opening up new possibilities for food production.
"Consumers are increasingly paying attention to the nutritional value of the food they enjoy. But raw materials are not easy to replace. Because of food regulations, it takes a long time for a new, alternative raw material to be approved. Another challenge is that consumers don’t want to compromise on texture and taste," explains Dr. Detlev Krüger, Chairman and CEO of Martin Braun-Gruppe and Member of the board of Geschwister Oetker Beteiligungen KG. "Baking is our very own DNA and Martin's Bakehouse will act as a strategic platform for pioneers to help our industry move into the future."

For more information on Martin’s Bakehouse: www.martinsbakehouse.vc

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