Tanker vehicle requirements

1. Silo vehicles

The tanker vehicles employed are used exclusively for foodstuffs and should be labelled appropriately. The freight forwarder must be in possession of a cleaning certificate which confirms the cleanliness of the interior and all other associated units. In addition, the vehicle should be lead sealed.

Vehicles should have the following technical equipment:

Tank train powder:

  • Dry air connection
  • Hose connection with type VK 80 or MK 80 coupling
  • 4 m hose length
  • Air filters and non-return valves
  • Own compressor with dry connection for flour deliveries Air filters and non-return values.

Tank train fats:

  • Hose connection with type VK 80 or MK 80 coupling
  • 4 m hose length
  • must be unloaded from rear or/and the side

2. Shipping documents

weighing card should be included in the shipping documents. The delivery note should bear our order number, material number, batch number and the use-by date (UBD).

3. Sample

The vehicle driver should generally carry a sample of the merchandise loaded in a volume of min. 0.5 kg. This should be removed from the merchandise prior to loading.

Handover of the sample occurs unsolicited, with the driver presenting the sample to the incoming goods department at Martin Braun KG. Only samples in an original closed or sealed condition will be accepted. The sample is used for incoming goods quality control in the event of heavy precipitation.

In addition, a sample is also taken on site.

For mixed loadings separate samples have to be taken. This must be ensured.

4. Weighing

Merchandise is weighed on site. In the absence of any other agreement, the weight determined by Martin Braun constitutes the invoicing basis.