Modular Solutions

What is AGRANO Modular Solutions about?

What is it about?

AGRANO modular solutions is YOUR chance to create your very special bread quality. With this system, AGRANO reduces the advatages of bread improver exactly to their fundamentals:

  • Very good coverage of important bread characteristics: We start with the three different blocks of Freshness, Volume and Cooling
  • Clear number of articles: Ther are four special improvers within these blocks
  • Very simple in use: Each product does only influence one specific characterstics in your finished bread product
  • Very moderate in costs: Due to low dosage (0,5 - 1,5%) and high effiency the final costs will stay in range
  • Very up to date: All articles are produced clean label

How does it work?

You do want to change a specific characteristic of your finished bread product?

Your need more volume in your breads but do not want to rework the complete recipe? Your finished product needs to stay feresh longer than at the moment?

Then AGRANO can provide your solution: Just add the specific improver from our block building system - finished!

What articles can we offer?

  • Module Freshness 3+
  • Module Freshness
  • Module Volume
  • Module Freezing

Agrano Modular Solutions!