One of our key strengths is the diversityversatility and taste of our products and this is an advantage we are always looking to bring to our most innovative clients in the bakery, supermarkets, and industrial sectors. In tandem with our team of vastly experienced master bakers and food technology specialists, we are happy to support our clients in any way we can.

The evolution of the bakery sector has gathered pace with new products from around the world being introduced to the market on an almost daily basis. Although we serve customers producing in bulk, the artisanal movement has not passed us by. AGRANO has always been an innovator in its field, so exploring new trends, technologies or customers’ requirements goes without saying. With this in mind, we are constantly refining existing baking techniques and developing new concepts to help our customers quickly adapt to the ever-changing eating habits and taste trends.

With our Modular Solutions products we are even heading for new ways within the field of technical solutions for mid-sized and big industrial customers.Taking into account the different conditions of our worldwide client base as well as the need for cost effectiveness, this range helps to shorten the number of improver used as well as the list of e-numbers in your customers’ final products.

As we greatly value the expertise of our clients, their feedback on our work is crucial to ensure the best possible results and a key part of our drive for innovation.

We are always excited to work with our clients to successfully bring unique concepts to market.