01.01.2023 Braun

35 Years of Schokobella - Filling Your Soul

Schokobella has been inspiring bakers and confectioners with exceptional quality since 1988 by offering premium cream fillings for a wide range of creative applications in order to create unique pastry highlights. For its 35th anniversary, BRAUN expanded this product line and divided it into special assortment brands: in addition to Schokobella Classic, with proven varieties such as Schokobella Bittersweet or Schokobella Milk Chocolate, there are now the categories Schokobella TrendSchokobella Création, and Schokobella without Palm.

Schokobella Mango, Schokobella Lime, and Schokobella Blueberry are three new varieties that expand the "Trend" range. This range features varieties that fully cater to current consumer trends, such as flavors that are in trend and meet the desire for more colorful baked goods. Schokobella Yuzu, Schokobella Strawberry, Schokobella Pistachio, and Schokobella Coffee are new varieties for the "Création" range. These premium varieties meet the highest demands, such as exclusively natural flavors and coloring food, as well as being without palm. The assortment category Schokobella without palm offers the current proven varieties as a without palm version with natural flavors and exclusively coloring food.

All novelties, as well as the proven Schokobella fillings, are ready to use and perfect for filling, coating, flavoring and decorating pastries, covering a wide range of applications.

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