Martin Braun-Gruppe Code of Conduct for suppliers

1. The basis: compliance with laws

The Martin Braun-Gruppe respects applicable law and expects its Staff Members and business partners (“Suppliers”) to do likewise. Such laws are considered applicable irrespective of whether these are domestic, foreign or supranational laws, conventions, rules or any other provisions (hereinafter referred to as “Laws”) and whether these are Laws concerning health, safety, environment, competition, customs duties or individual or collective labor and employment. In accordance with such Laws it is also strictly prohibited to cause third parties to perform illegal acts or to participate therein.

2. Separation of private and corporate interests

The Staff Members of the Martin Braun-Gruppe are under a duty to act and make any business decisions in the best interests of the Martin Braun-Gruppe and unaffected by personal interests. Therefore, Suppliers must not seek to influence the personal interests of any Staff Members of the Martin Braun-Gruppe or of any person connected to him or her. In determining its business relationships the Martin Braun-Gruppe will only take into consideration objective criteria. Suppliers are chosen in accordance with appropriate objective criteria, such as price, quality and existence of quality management, reliability, technological standards, product suitability and the existence of a long-standing and trouble-free business relationship. The conclusion of a contract must not be influenced by personal relationships or interests. The Supplier shall be required to disclose in writing any existing and potential conflict of interest.

3. No violations of anti-corruption laws

There are numerous international anti-bribery and corruption Laws, both applying to office-holders and employees in public administration and the private business sector. Laws exist which apply globally and are similarly stringent, so that acts of bribery, fraud or corruption (bribes and accepting an advantage) committed abroad are also punishable under domestic law. The Supplier shall comply with these Laws.

The Supplier must observe that in connection with their business activity, Staff Members of the Martin Braun-Gruppe shall neither request nor accept from Suppliers any unjustified personal advantage, so Supplier must not offer any. Only usual and appropriate advertising gifts of small value for business use and invitations (e.g. meals) on business-related occasions, which are of reasonable value and which do not have the potential of influencing business decisions in a dishonest manner will be accepted in compliance with such anti-bribery and corruption Laws.

4. Protection of business secrets

Suppliers may receive from or obtain about the Martin Braun-Gruppe Confidential Information whether for purposes of discussions, offers or the subsequent performance of the agreement. Suppliers are required to maintain as confidential any and all trade and business secrets of the Martin Braun-Gruppe and other internal confidential matters of the Martin Braun-Gruppe. All information is deemed confidential that is designated as such and with reference to which it is to be assumed that it is not and shall not be in the public domain, for instance, as it could be useful for competitors, or whose disclosure could be detrimental to the Martin Braun-Gruppe or its business partners. The obligation to maintain confidentiality exists both during the term of the agreement and after its termination.

Confidential Information must be protected from any unauthorized inspection by third parties; the Supplier shall ensure that confidential information may only be passed on to those of its employees, who require such Confidential Information for the performance of their duties and are under obligations of confidentiality of equivalent terms.

5. Social responsibility

The Martin Braun-Gruppe expects from Suppliers compliance with the internationally recognized and applicable Laws relating to human rights. This includes those Laws related to the protection of employees, which require that a Supplier does not practice any form of forced labor or corporal punishment and also no child labor within the meaning of the Convention of the ILO or other applicable national Laws, that employees shall not be illegally discriminated against and that Laws on the working hours, wages and other workplace Laws shall be complied with. The Supplier shall ensure that its sub-contractors or suppliers also comply at least with these same Laws.

6. Sustainability

The Martin Braun-Gruppe strives to handle environmental resources as sparingly as possible, to avoid hazards to humans and the environment and to continuously improve all procedures and processes that serve to further reduce environmental pollution. The Martin Braun-Gruppe expects that its Suppliers do so accordingly.

7. Information on violations

If the Supplier obtains any information on a violation of the Supplier Code of Conduct due to its own acts, those of its employees, competitors or employees of the Martin Braun-Gruppe, the Martin Braun-Gruppe expects to be notified as soon as possible. The Supplier has the opportunity to either inform its contact at the Martin Braun-Gruppe, his or her superior or the compliance officer ( If the Supplier has reason to assume that the information may be to its disadvantage, it may request in its notice to the compliance officer that the information on the violation shall be investigated confidentially.